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Lebanese Stuffed Onions
You will need: 2 Extra large onions 1 Cup (128g) Basmati rice 1-2 tbsp Tomato paste 2 tsp Ground Cinnamon 1 tsp Ground Allspice 1 tsp Ground Cumin...
Steak Spiced Roasted Roots
For something simple yet delicious as a snack or a hearty vegetarian meal, why not try some Steak Spiced Roasted Roots! All you need is a selection...
Ally's Herby Roast Potatoes
Perfect for sharing......or as an indulgent treat! For a super quick snack, tumble a load of par boiled new potatoes in a little olive oil, crushe...
Mackerel Nicoise
It's a slight twist on a classic French salad and is our number 1 go-to dish for a simple, summer's lunch. You will need: 200g smoked mackerel fil...
Breakfast Omelette
Our lovely local customer Stacey posted this delicious pic onto our Facebook page recently, so we thought we’d pop it on the recipe page for everyo...

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