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All-Natural, 100% Gluten-Free

Our Story

Nature Kitchen Spice Merchants was established in Cornwall in 2009 by Ally & Antony Watkins.

Together with their sons Jake and Solomon and daughter Sarah, they are an extraordinarily well travelled Foodie Family, with over 140 countries and an unfathomable number of cultural meals in their travel experiences between them. Together they have brought to you some spectacular fusions of flavour. Nature Kitchen currently holds over 60 seasonings and a huge range of individual herbs and spices.

Spice Mamma

With Ally (Spice Mamma) at the helm, these incredible food experiences have been translated into some easy-to-use fabulous tasting seasonings. Ally believes that it’s not just about beautiful flavour in meals but equally, food for the soul and spiritual wellbeing. Ally and the family hope that their efforts in spice alchemy and flavour inspire your own food and wellness journey. When you pick up a herb or a spice, please enjoy researching how these simple ingredients won’t just make your food pop like a party in your mouth; these incredible herbs and spices hold the key to your health, wellness, and satisfaction.


Seasoning food has been far more than filling hunger in many cultures, for thousands of years. Around the world, age-old recipes for soups, stews, curries and teas have been nourishing people for generations. Spices have, in effect, been a currency for the barter of goods, a medicine for improving wellbeing. Rarely has a good meal been cooked without some secret ingredients.

Your Health

Ethically, we have made our seasonings gluten free, so they are digestible for all. Many spices and herbs are naturally mineral rich with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antioxidant qualities. Supporting good immune systems and assisting in gut cleansing is vital to staying healthy. This starts with the food on your plate. We are presently in the middle of a food revolution with fears of health-related issues, intensive farming and pandemics. We are looking to re-evaluate our relationship with healthy food more than ever. Freshly prepared home cooked food, marinated in a healthy seasoning, can give you not simply great flavour but a real sense of being satiated.

Our packaging

No more messy spice cupboards of mismatched bottles, odd-shaped packets and torn sachets, or wasted spillage: our pots and larger tubs can be easily stacked to save space in your cupboard. Our spices are freshly prepared in small batches for maximum flavour and once stored in our airtight containers, will hold flavour for longer. Also, our pots are fully recyclable and reusable.

Wholesale and Trade Chefs & Shops

We provide larger sized sacks and tubs for wholesale and catering purposes as well as discounted multiples of domestic pots for resale; ideal for farm shops and food markets as well as individual customers looking for a healthy range of spices for personal use.

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