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Our world spices collections featuring flavours from the CARIBBEAN, INIDA, MEXICO, AFRICA and more!

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Freshly ground world spice blends in small batches have a far more superior flavour to anything mass produced. We fresh grind our ingredients and make bespoke blends at our spice shop for the food service. Consistency of flavour is paramount when building an excellent reputation in any area of food service. This is why our UK customers return repeatedly to buy our spices online for the amazing unique tastes created for your needs. Predominantly this is all down to herbs and spices.

Our spice products are sold direct to the public at markets, to retail for resale and into the food service business. All enquiries are welcome at our online spice merchants and please contact if you have any special requests for herbs and spices, and if we do not have what you need in the shop we will do our best to source what you are looking for.

We welcome keen foodies, chefs, cooks and food service to Nature Kitchen, one of the UK’s leading spice merchants.

If you enjoy flavour and you are on a food adventure we are here to help with our fantastic range of herbs and spices available to buy online!

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From spice flavours you know, and ones you have yet to discover, our online world spice
merchant offers a massive range of freshly ground natural spices available for catering and hospitality companies across the UK.

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Nature Kitchen spice merchants concept of freshly ground and prepared spice blends came about due to many flavours being limited to mass market. In the UK, food is designed to have a value before it has a flavour. Small specialist companies like us offer a greater flavour and variety of spices online than mass market products and are not necessarily more expensive. For a great service and excellent product knowledge of spices, we are your one stop shop for all of your spice needs and look forward to your regular custom.

Please feel free to call on 01840 211436 or e-mail, we are always happy to answer questions. Equally if we do not stock the spices you require at our online spice shop or cannot source what you need we are always happy to point you in the right direction.

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Established in 2008, we are a family run, specialist Spice Merchants, based on the wild moors of Cornwall. Our extensive range of Herbs, Spices and in-house Spice Blends, Seasonings, Salts & Peppers have been carefully selected over many years of searching and exploring the globe for ultimate tastes and food experiences. The products you will find here have been chosen for their qualities, depth of flavour, availability and price. Register for our newsletter for news and updates.

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